Monday, September 17, 2007

The World Is My Dervish

Anybody out there?

Hello, this is Rob in L.A. beginning my first blog. My friend have been encouraging me to start a blog for years now, and it has finally happened.

The reason that my blog is titled “Adventures in Vertigo” (a friend thought of the name) is because I have it. Yes, to me, “vertigo” is more than the title of a Hitchcock film. My vestibular nerves were damaged by major surgery. Now, it’s not quite as easy to move around as it used to be. Also, the California DMV took away my driver’s license.

I’m not much of a poet. But having nothing better to do, I wrote a poem about how I see the world. I didn’t write it to create a landmark of world literature. I wrote it just to play a game with words. Here it is:


The world is my dervish
Around it whirls
Straight lines turn curvish
Placid air swirls

Flat floors turn spherical
I walk like a clown
It's by some miracle
I don't fall down

When not inert I go
’Round in my spell
Doc calls it vertigo
I call it hell

Life is now tribular
Havoc played on
My nerves vestibular
Balance is gone

Huge helps of humble pie
Pass as I'm hurled
Onward I stumble, my
Dervish-whirled world

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Chal Pivik said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm Gregg's friend Chal. I have a blog here too at

But I've been focusing on, a new Halloween-in-LA blog. I write there under the name "It Came from New York."

Check 'em out.