Saturday, November 19, 2016

Neil Buchanan: ‘The Cruel “Crooked” Caricature That Doomed Hillary Clinton’

From Newsweek:

It is impossible to overstate the significance of this year’s election. The consequences for America and the world are profound, and we are only beginning to come to grips with what might come next. As we do so, it is important to learn and remember the key lessons from this terrible election campaign.
Unfortunately, liberals and media types are already engaging in the worst kind of post-election recriminations. Suddenly, we are being treated to 20/20 hindsight about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly “flawed candidacy,” even though the swing of only a few thousand votes in a couple of key states would have resulted in her winning the presidency.
Had she won the electoral vote, of course, there would surely have been no stories about how brilliantly Clinton navigated the treacherous political terrain of 2016, but rather more snark about how she should have done better

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